The Megas on Capcom’s MM25: Mega Man Rocks compilation!

In case you missed it, back in October of last year, Capcom put together a compilation for Mega Man’s 25th anniversary, called Mega Man Rocks.  We were honored when they asked us to be a part of it!  The album features songs from Armcannon, Mega Ran, the X-Hunters, Bit Brigade, and the Protomen – pretty much all of our favorite bands to rock with!  We ended up re-recording a couple tracks from Get Equipped for the album from scratch, Man on Fire and The Quick and The Blue, using the new tricks we’ve learned in the studio over the last few years, and adding Brian’s epic synths.  We also threw in a track from History Repeating: Blue, Can’t Stop the Top.  Head over to and check them out – the album is also available on iTunes, Amazon, and elsewhere on the web!


Mega Man Rocks cover

  • alby13

    Wow this is fantastic!