The Story of The Megas

Back in his college days, Josh had an idea.


Many of us remember the feeling of listening to the tunes of our favorite video games over and over again, as we lost life after life trying to beat a tough level.  Hearing those tunes repeating over and over again in the background, eventually we might start to hum along… tap our foot… and perhaps eventually start singing along with some nonsense lyrics.  It may have just been the title of the game, sung along to the melody of the Nintendo’s 8-bit sounds, or it may have been a string of insults and curse words aimed at the enemies and challenges that bested us again and again… but sometimes these jingles started turning into actual SONGS – silly ones, typically, but songs nonetheless.


One day, Josh was given a homework assignment – come up with some kind of performance, and do it in front of your class.  He had just started learning to play guitar, and at the time was playing Mega Man 2.  Instead of learning to play the usual classics a first time guitar player picks up (you know the songs… Ironman by Black Sabbath, Come As You Are by Nirvana…), Josh started figuring out how to play songs from Mega Man on his guitar.  He figured out how to play a song from the game, threw on some lyrics, and boom – homework complete.  He played his creation in front of the class, and it was either so awesome or so terrible that the class never tried that assignment again.


A couple years later, Josh moved in with Eric.  At some point the story of Josh’s show-stopping performance came up, to which Eric responded – “Let’s record that.”


And so, forged in the fire of unemployment and lack of romantic options, THE MEGAS were born!  They quickly recruited Greg and the first of a string of drummers, and set out to record the entire soundtrack of Mega Man 2, reimagining each track as a rock anthem sung from the point of view of each character in the game. Once Mikey jumped onto the drumkit, things started picking up steam… their first album, Get Equipped, was released in January of 2008.  The band started picking up a cult following on the internet, the place where fans of super-niche ideas find one another!


The Megas started playing at various conventions and video game themed concerts all over the country, from Bit Gen in Baltimore and Nerdapalooza in Orlando, to MAGfest in Virginia and PAX in Seattle.  Thus far, the pinnacle of their various performances has to be an appearance at the Nokia Theatre during Video Games Live’s E3 performance – the band got a chance to play in front of a packed house on a stage that has featured countless legendary bands as well as primetime events like the Emmy Awards and the X Games!  Though Los Angeles is the place they call home, they spend more time playing these fly-in shows than they do grinding away on local gigs like a traditional band would.


Soon after the release of Get Equipped, rumors started flying about a followup album, this one set to the soundtrack of Mega Man 3.  After some smaller releases – an EP, a single, and a remix album, the band finally got to work on their next full-length.  They added a new dimension to their music by recruiting synth player Brian, whose credits as an actual video game composer (Mass Effect 2, Lost Planet 3) brought some real credibility to the band!  Over time, the list of songs kept growing, until eventually the band decided to split the long-awaited album, titled History Repeating, into two parts.  The first part, History Repeating: Blue, was released in June of 2012.  The band then made a change at the drummer position, when Mikey decided to change coasts and finish college.  Eric’s brother Church stepped in, and the band continued to work on the rest of the History Repeating saga.  History Repeating: Red is due for release in April of 2014!


The Megas are ready for whatever the future holds, and hope that one day their silly idea inspired by childhood ad-libbing takes them to the holy land of video gaming… Japan.


Josh is an actor. twitter: @breeding


Eric wields a hair sword. twitter: @megaeric


Greg’s accessories are a beard and hat. twitter: @megasgreg


Brian composed for Mass Effect 2. twitter: @BrianDiDomenico


Church sweats a lot.