MAGfest Success

We’ve just returned from MAGfest 11, and it was a huge success. Without a doubt the biggest and best show we’ve ever had to date. Big thanks to everyone who joined us for our set – Kirby of Metroid Metal, Amanda Lepre, and of course Mega Ran! And a huge thanks to everyone who came out for our set and/or our panel – you are the ones who keep us going. We’ll have some videos up shortly on our YouTube page, but for the time being, you can do a search over there and find some good stuff.

And now, back to the studio – Red awaits our attention!

  • Carter

    Can you do like a porno-style remix for one bot… like Hard Man 😉

  • Huge fan. Found you guys on OC Remix, just bought all of your albums from the website.

    I see news seems to have been slowing down a bit over the last year or so. Is the second half of History Repeats still something that’s going to happen?

    • megasadmin

      Hey sorry for the late reply – had a BIT of a spam comment jam over here (almost 100,000 spam comments!) We’re going to try to be better about updating the website, but usually you can keep more up to date on our Twitter or Facebook pages. The second half of History Repeating is coming out this April!

      • Abaddon Daemon

        I’m so thrilled to hear it! I’ll be a day-one purchaser, for sure. =)

  • Victor

    That was awesome, the show was just great, congratulations guys!
    I’m looking for History Repeating: Red and with very good expectations, good work everybody!