Introducing The Belmonts…

A mysterious demo tape recently arrived at Dr. Light Studios.

Wrapped in parchment and sealed with wax, the only correspondence included with the cassette was a note reading:

Release me.
-The Belmonts

Could it be, this fabled band is more than just a rumor? Tales of an obscure outfit hailing from Romania have followed us like a phantom – doppelgängers from another place and time whose sound and story are eerily similar to our own…

Who are we to reject their request? We digitized the tape, and here are the results.

The Megas present: The Belmonts.

The Belmonts Cover Art

  • GGkiddo

    wow nice finally nice

  • Ross

    Finally! I hope a full album will come of this someday.

  • Jason Hyman

    This is awesome! I can’t wait to hear more from the mysterious Belmonts.

  • vesperneon

    Hoping for a half megas, half belmonts whole album soon!

  • Shurikens_Miner

    Still waiting for Mega Man 4-6. Or at least 6.