History Repeating: Red is available for immediate download RIGHT NOW!

That’s right everybody, we finally did it!  History Repeating: Red is available now for your listening pleasure.  History Repeating: Red concludes a 5 year project to adapt the story of Mega Man 3 into a pair of rocking albums, and we think you’ll enjoy what we’ve done.  You can grab the CD or digital download version in our store, or go give it a listen at our Bandcamp page!

I will not... Kale.

  • The Violet Fox

    Someone told me you used my gif and I Refuse(d) To Believe them.

    I’m glad you guys liked it so much 😀

    • BaconBurgerKing

      Well we all know that it was freakin’ awesome. I’m just glad that the guys accept the Kale meme, because it won’t ever get old. EVER.

  • Jared Lindeman

    Released on my B-Day, thanks for the excellent present!