Episode #28: The Quick and The Blue

The Megas podcast returns! In this episode we bring in a special guest – Matt Mowrer, author of the new short story, The Quick and The Blue!

We discuss the story with spoilers about halfway through – but we’ll give fair warning before we get into that territory. Go give it a read beforehand!

  • Django20

    It should be noted that my word count for novel, novella, and short story was WAY off. It’s unclear how I was that far off because I know the correct numbers. Over 40,000 for a novel, but generally around 75,000, 17,500-40,000 words for a novella. And I said if the story was around 500 more words it would be a novella, that is also inaccurate. I meant 5,000.

    • Anthony Carter

      There is a strange, unidentifiable force that compels humans to lose the majority of their cognition when they are on camera (or in front of a microphone). I have fallen victim to this force many times.

      • Django20

        I would like to blame alcohol, but that wasn’t until later.

  • For the record, Karl Von Bach was never intended to be Tony Stark, but that character had too many cooks in the kitchen. Karl “Convoluted” Von Bach. Matt did a stellar job on Defiance. Some his first passes at dialogue were his best, but they got revised by “gunpoint.” I noticed the loss of “character” in some characters when the most minor changes were made to his script. Alas, the game industry was not ready for the greatness that is Mowrer.