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Episode #18: B***h, we be Slidin!

The Megas return at last with a new podcast!  Why have they taken so long to record one?  Listen and find out! We recap the Revenge of the Megas 2009 tour, constantly sidetracked by other stories and happenings that have gone down since the last podcast.  Mikey was a sleepy baby Mikey, so we are […]

Episode #17: Hammer Fist!

It’s a full house on this edition of the podcast… we’re joined by always loyal sidekick Rizzi, as well as Mr. Rick Savage and special German correspondent Maythe! We get updates on what everyone’s been up to since the last ‘cast, from trips to Eastern Europe and Oahu’s North Shore to job quittings and ninja […]

Episode #16: Back to Basics

Had a bit of a technical delay in getting this up, but here it is!  We went back to the roots on this one – talking about video games galore!  For the record, we broadcast this live when we recorded it, so occasionally we interact with the chat. Anyhow, if you want to hear our […]

Episode #15: Pizza Time

What would happen if the Megas and Rick Savage decided to order a pizza, and then record a podcast to kill time while waiting for said pizza?  Well, you’re about to find out… and the results are about exactly what you’d expect. It’s the return of the star of “Pepsi in the Shower”!  Also on […]

Episode #13: Nerd Cred

We welcome first-time guest Kevin to the podcast!  Kevin is a long time friend, and arguably wields nerd powers far greater than our own.  Come see why. On this edition, we discuss the nerdiest things we’ve ever done, video game competitions, and settle the PS3 vs. 360 debate once and for all! Plus, listen to […]

Episode #12: For Great Justice!

Another Megas podcast first – the first time we did a podcast with all 4 Megas live in the studio, and NO guests! We run down everything from dough manipulation to Josh’s part in the legal system, with a side helping of video games and politics.  And as always, your questions are answered!

Episode #11: They Live.

It was an experiment, but it went well… the Megas LIVE for the first time! We recorded this podcast live with video, which you can watch over at!  Hopefully it works well as a podcast! This time we were joined by lead Megette Kelsey, as well as special guest Matt!  Good times were had […]

Episode #9: Megatainment Wrap-up!

It’s the Megatainment tour wrap-up edition of the podcast!  The Megas are joined by Chris of Entertainment System for a look back at 32 Bit Genocide and the 6 state, 8 day Megatainment tour! Sorry for the delay on this podcast – the tour and everything leading up to it have taken up a lot […]