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Introducing The Belmonts…

A mysterious demo tape recently arrived at Dr. Light Studios. Wrapped in parchment and sealed with wax, the only correspondence included with the cassette was a note reading: Release me. -The Belmonts Could it be, this fabled band is more than just a rumor? Tales of an obscure outfit hailing from Romania have followed us […]

Interview with The Indoor Kids!

The Indoor Kids, Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V Gordon, were gracious enough to have us on their podcast for an interview! In case you’re not familiar already, The Indoor Kids is an awesome podcast on the Nerdist network about video games, comics, movies, and other fun stuff, hosted by comedian/actor Kumail Nanjiani and his wife, […]

Episode #28: The Quick and The Blue

The Megas podcast returns! In this episode we bring in a special guest – Matt Mowrer, author of the new short story, The Quick and The Blue! We discuss the story with spoilers about halfway through – but we’ll give fair warning before we get into that territory. Go give it a read beforehand!

The Megas are coming to Mexico!

We’re proud to announce our first international show, VCONCERT in Monterrey, Mexico! The event is happening November 8th and features several stellar game composers. They announced each band with a separate poster, and we are super excited about the one Poinko did for us! Hopefully this show opens the door for some more international Megas […]

The Megas are returning to ORLANDO!

That’s right, on Sunday, August 10th, come watch us rock at Orlando Nerd Fest! From the ashes of Nerdapalooza, a new festival has risen… and it is glorious! It will be our second time playing the same bill as the one and only Nobuo Uematsu, composer of the Final Fantasy series! Get all the details […]

Pre-order History Repeating: Red NOW!

The long wait is nearly at an end –  History Repeating: Red is available for pre-order NOW!  We just launched a brand new store page where you can get your hands on all kinds of new merchandise – the hoodies, new t-shirt and slap bracelets previously only available at our last few live shows, as […]