Get Equipped

Get Equipped is our debut album… it lays the basis for our tale of your favorite blue robot, and features themes from Mega Man 2.

Full track listing:
1. The Beginning of the End/Wily’s Castle
2. I Want to be The One/Dr. Wily 1-2
3. The Message From Dr. Light/Level Select
4. A Fate Forged in Steel/Enemy Selected
5. The Annihilation of Monsteropolis/Airman
6. Metal Dance/Metalman
7. Carved From Mighty Oak/Woodman
8. Promise of Redemption/Bubbleman
9. Man on Fire/Heatman
10. Blue Like You/Flashman
11. The Quick and the Blue/Quickman
12. Programmed to Fight/Crashman
13. Lamentations of a War Machine/End Song