History Repeating: Red

The long-awaited conclusion to the History Repeating tale has finally arrived! History Repeating: Red continues where Blue left off, rounding out the stories of Mega Man 3’s eight robot masters and introducing some beloved (and as it happens, red) characters! Full track listing: Fly on a Dog Harder Than Steel GeminEye The Haystack Principle Afraid […]

Fly on a Dog

Fly on a Dog is a single from the upcoming album History Repeating: Red – it includes the title track, inspired by the MM3 level select tune, Brian’s remix of the title track, 2 covers and a new instrumental based on the MM2 password screen! Full track listing: 1. Fly on a Dog 2. Just […]

History Repeating: Blue

History Repeating: Blue is the second full length album by The Megas – it is the first of two announced albums based on Mega Man 3.  After four years in the making, History Repeating: Blue is The Megas’ finest achievement, taking the songwriting and production to new heights! Full track listing: 1. History Repeating Pt. […]

Sparked A War

Sparked a War is a preview single from the upcoming History Repeating album – it includes a non-album version of Sparked a War, instrumental and acoustic remixes of the song, as well as two cover songs which can’t be found anywhere else! Full track listing: 1. You’ve Sparked a War 2. You’ve Sparked a Coustic […]

Get Acoustic

Get Acoustic is an acoustic remix album that re-imagines the tunes from Get Equipped in a different style… acoustic guitars and clean vocals provide a basis for a new layer of instrumentation by the Monsteropolis Orchestra! Full track listing: 1. The Beginning of the End/Wily’s Castle 2. I Want to be The One/Dr. Wily 1-2 […]


Megatainment is a collaboration between Entertainment System and the Megas – ES provided the soul-shattering rock instrumentation, while we weaved the Get Equipped prequel tale over the top!  Featuring the themes of Elecman, Bombman, Fireman and Iceman, as well as Dr. Wily’s theme! Full track listing: 1. Evolution of Circuitry/Elecman 2. Beneath the Steel/Bombman 3. […]

Get Equipped

Get Equipped is our debut album… it lays the basis for our tale of your favorite blue robot, and features themes from Mega Man 2. Full track listing: 1. The Beginning of the End/Wily’s Castle 2. I Want to be The One/Dr. Wily 1-2 3. The Message From Dr. Light/Level Select 4. A Fate Forged […]

Demo Get

The rare and elusive first release – a homemade pressing that was only available at our first few shows. 1. I Want to be The One/Dr. Wily 2. The Annihilation of Monsteropolis/Airman 3. Bubbleman Demo 4. I Want to be The One Acoustic